About Us

SISI (Sinergi Informatika Semen Indonesia) is committed to always providing the best user experience. SobatBangun is one of the many technology solutions offered by SISI. SobatBangun was made with one purpose, to make the process of building and renovating houses better. Both the design, the quality, the process, the partners, and of course, the health protocol.

Based on user research and input, SISI built SobatBangun to provide digital solutions for creating a better experience in building and renovating houses. From selections of modern and sustainable home designs by accomplished Indonesian architects, professional construction and renovation by experienced and trusted contractors, home furnishing, smart home technology and access to financial assistance. It is a one-stop solution that provides easy access, planning, construction and supervision. SobatBangun also has a Sobat Konsul who is always ready to accompany you every step of the way. Starting from the initial consultation with the architect, surveying the land with the contractor, to the construction or renovation process.

SobatBangun believes that a better home building and renovation experience can make it easier for users to get their dream home. And with a focus on sustainable development, it can help create a better future for Indonesia for future generations. Let's #BuildBetter!